RFI Shielding Ferrites and Gaskets

Without question, the two most effective, simple and inexpensive methods of RFI shielding today are ferrite RFI suppressors and copper alloy RFI shielding gaskets.

It is of no value to use a shielded enclosure, no matter how well designed, and then allow electromagnetic energy to flow through openings or penetrate it along the power cables and signal cables. The alternative...deal with the openings and cables in the most effective manner...ferrites and gaskets.

Eclipse's ferrite designs are the most innovative types found today - solid beads and split beads made in many versatile geometries, material compounds and installation alternatives give you more than ample choices for the optimum approach.

Eclipse's copper alloy gaskets are the standard to which all other forms of gaskets are compared despite obvious incomparability - they are substantially the highest strength, highest performance gasket alternative. A wide selection of available profile shapes and sizes offers a solution for every application.

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