Designed with a minimum residual stress and highly leveraged spring action. The free end features a fold-under lip which facilitates a low coefficient of friction on most surfaces. Extremely high endurance life. Installs easily with standard Instant Tac adhesive.
Low profile of .080" (2,0mm) allows practical installation and compression action in very minimal gap situations. Long, slender finger profile yields very low compression forces and high endurance life. Works very well with "wiping" applications.
Simple snap-in installation. Three sizes fit most applications. Very low compression force and no friction drag when compressed. Excellent for "sliding" applications. Symmetrical design allows bi-directional contact engagement. Very handy for ESD grounding or RFI shielding on:

enclosure doors • enclosure panels • chassis covers • back panels • rack drawers • plug-in assemblies

Available in short lengths cut to size in multiples of "C" dimension. See slot-mount installation guidelines below.

A typical slot-mount shielding application is shown at right on an electric enclosure. Follow the dimensional specifications shown at left and in the chart below for the optimum installation performance.

Note: the "J-slot" length per application in multiples of "C" dimension plus .010" (0,25mm). See chart above.