Gasket Installation
Retaining Lance Options for Clip-ons - Most clip-on styles are available with optional retaining lances which enhance the spring grip onto the mounting surface.

Adhesive Tape Specifications - Eclipse's shielding designs incorporate two types of transfer adhesive tape on many of the gaskets.

Instant Tac Adhesive

Conductive Tac Adhesive


1. Proper Size - Determine the correct size of the mounting area.

2. Dynamic Range of Compression - Each shield gasket compresses a certain distance depending on the design. A positive contact force can usually be assured after the gaskets are compressed 25% of relaxed height and beyond.

3. Attachment Methods - Among Eclipse's standard configurations, are the following:

4. Correct Orientation - Many of the Eclipse gasket designs depend on the active contact surface (top) being engaged at, or behind, the cross-sectional centerline. To assure the proper angle of engagement, follow the guidelines below for best results.