Installation Guidelines

Eclipse RFI ferrite suppressors are simple to install. Depending on your application, these guidelines below are all that is needed. Product testing in your specific application is recommended to confirm expected results.

1. Recommended Cable Size Capacity by Part Number - Each part number contains a numeric designation of the inside diameter, or inside flat cable width opening, as the last three or four digits following the "850" material designation. For example, part number SCF850214 - strap cable filter - has the inside diameter capacity to fit a round cable of .214" (5,4mm) diameter.

Other examples are as follows:

  • BCF850256A - .256" round cable diameter (6,5mm)
  • LCF850374 - .374" round cable diameter (9,5mm)
  • FAF8501010 - 1.010" flat cable width (25,7mm)

2. Position - For best results, each ferrite filter should be attached either inside or outside the enclosure as close to the point where the cable exits the enclosure. This will choke off the antenna-effect of the cable for both emissions from inside the enclosure and susceptibility from outside the enclosure. For cables and harnesses inside the enclosure, locate the filter as close to the RF source as possible. Other positions, however, may work just as well; for example, midway on a cable run between two terminations.

3. Attachment - The various ECLIPSE styles offer a choice of installation attachments as shown here.